Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Upgrading to Windows 7

Windows has updated and users are now asking, "Should I upgrade to Windows 7?" Windows 7 is finally available for purchase and is essentially a revamp of Vista that addresses owners' most common complaints and tightens the user interface. So, is it worth the plunge to upgrade your system, or should you stick with your current operating system?

Here is a list of reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 7:

  • Windows 7 has lower system requirements. Windows 7 is not a resource hog and you'll spend less money on hardware upgrades. A relatively slow PC with 1GB of memory can run Windows 7, making it suitable for installation on low-end netbooks and high-end desktops.
  • Windows 7 has simpler navigation. Users will now be able to view desktop contents by turning all the windows transparent. Users will also have the option to simply grab an active window and physically shake the mouse to minimize other panes cluttering up one's monitor; you'll also be able to re-size your windows to take up half the screen when dragged to either side of your display.
  • Windows 7 is better at multitasking. Windows has borrowed a trick from Apple's Snow Leopard, by offering a more aesthetically pleasing, icon-based task bar that lets you permanently pin and organize favorite programs on it.
  • Windows 7 has greater stability. Most hardware and software will be compatible with Windows 7 and work right out of the box.
  • Windows 7 has enhanced security; rather than having to constantly click to approve of program access, Windows 7 does away with most nagging pop-ups. Internet Explorer 8 Web Browser is also better-guarded against external threats.
  • Windows 7 has multi-touch capabilities and simpler file organization. Users with touch-screen PCs and laptops will be able to navigate the operating system and pull up documents and data with the flick of a finger. There are also all-purpose containers known as libraries to conveniently catalog photos, music, video and files in a single location.
  • Windows 7 has a new optimized network set-up. You'll have a brisk, painless network setup via new HomeGroup features makes it simple to share devices, documents and printers between other PCs using Windows 7 on a password protected network.
  • Windows 7 has less clutter taking up space on your hard drive. Those pre-installed programs will no longer be installed unless they are in a bundle you purchase, however, if you need any of these programs, they are available for download for free from Microsoft.
  • Windows 7 has upgraded, so the overall performance is definitely worth the wait. Third parties will be more inspired to design new products and programs and new software libraries can take advantage of it's built-in features. More reliable desktop search features and simpler document retrieval have made Windows 7 the best operating system in Microsoft's history.
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