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Rip Tiger - Capture and Convert Web Video

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UEFA Champions League 2009 Winner Well Deserved

Congratulations to FC Barcelona for becoming the winner of the 2009 UEFA Champions League winner. Barcelona showed a wonderful soccer and the win is well deserved. Manchester United just did not make it and did not justify the hopes of millions of fans.

This was not the same Manchester United that we knew. They were slow. At some point they lost the game and did not even know what to do with their offensives. Manchester united could not rewrite the history by holding the title two seasons in a row by becoming the UEFA Champions league 2009 winner.

On the other hand Barcelona did rewrite the history in today's final game in Rome. Barcelona became the three time winners of UEFA Champions League final as a European soccer powerhouse.

Bravo to Barcelona Coach Pep Guardiola. Despite his young age, he did build a powerful soccer club in Barcelona. Pep Guardiola became a twice winner of UEFA Champions League final. One time Guardiola won Champions League as a soccer player. Today in 2009 he became a winner as a coach. This is history.

Today the UEFA Champions League winner Barcelona starts its Roman vacation. Can you imagine what is happening now in Spain and in the home town Barcelona.

I should acknowledge, Barcelona was not given enough credit in the media before the UEFA Champions League final. They were the underdogs and Manchester United was the favorite in the English language media. However, congratulations Barcelona, well deserved. Congratulations Pep Guardiola, you made a wonderful team.

The Hottest Games of Summer 2009 - Part 3

So we continue to review The Hottest Games of Summer 2009. Here is Part 3:

'The Conduit' -- Expected June 23

The Scoop: "The Conduit"; Genre: First-person shooter; By: High Voltage Software; From: Sega; For: Wii; Rating: Teen

Info: Blast your way through a post-apocalyptic rendition of Washington, D.C., in the wake of an alien invasion.

Matt: Take "Metroid Prime," add a glaze of you-can't-do-that-on-the-Wii graphical hype, and mix -- out pops "The Conduit." It's High Voltage Software's attempt to make a decent-looking Wii game. Who cares if the Wii can output Xbox-quality visuals eight years late -- what about the game play? This game looks like typical first-person fare, save for a little wrinkle called the "All-Seeing Eye," which lets you probe your surroundings for traps, enemies and invisible doors. Does that sound like the Scan Visor in "Metroid Prime"? Yep, and no one is really denying the homage (hey, you could do a whole lot worse). Otherwise, you're fighting a race of bugs called The Drudge (no relation to the Internet gossip mogul … I think), which is ostensibly brainier than your average brand of creepy-crawly sci-fi insects.

Darren: If all you have to sell me on a game is purty graphics for a first-person shooter (on the Wii), then I'm already out the door. I'm tired of people trying to cover up been-there, done-that game play with a fresh coat of graphical paint. Now if they can deliver a couple of innovations, I'm still in for the ride. The modern-day conspiracy-theory and alien-invasion plot could work. What about some innovative control use? Well, High Voltage scrapped the Wii MotionPlus support it boasted about last year. At least the developers are sticking to their guns with WiiSpeak, allowing for team trash-talk on a speaker phone while playing. This is one of those titles where I'm staying skeptical until the game is in my hands.

'Fight Night Round 4' -- Expected June 30

The Scoop: "Fight Night Round 4"; Genre: Boxing; By: EA Sports; From: Electronic Arts; For: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360; Rating: Pending

Info: EA's latest, greatest boxing simulation packs major punch -- delivering more moves, career parameters and boxing licensees.

Darren: The graphics in "Fight Night Round 3" kicked open the doors for what we could expect from a next-generation boxing game. Is the champ back in top form, three years later? Well, the animations zoom at 60 frames per second when you want to float like a butterfly -- and the graphics still look good. Mike Tyson won't have any head-munching special moves, but at least he isn't looking like some greasy action figure. More than that, EA seems to be expecting some more punch-drunk players.

Used to be you were trying to read the signs to block high, low, left and right. In the new game, you're blocking up or down -- and eyeballing a blocking strength meter. Yeah, it sounds like the whole ebb and flow of boxing mechanics is being simplified, but I'm optimistic that it just means I'll have to switch up my strategy. (Translation: You can't use your patented "Not in the face!" blocking for the whole match, Matt.)

Matt: My brother couldn't shut up about "Fight Night Round 3," and I can't say I blame him. To watch this series in action is almost like being ringside. That's in part because -- with only two players to render -- EA can pour all the processing oomph into tweaking crazy micro stuff like the viscosity of sweat as it beads on or trickles down contenders' corded necks and bulging chests. "Fight Night Round 4" ups the boxer count and smoothes out the frame rate, but controversially nixes directional-pad combos in favor of analog thumb-stick twiddling, and I'm not sure I dig the idea of making blocking less realistic with an abstract meter. (Why not enhance the visual cues instead?) There's also more of a focus on your boxer's public image, meaning that how you fight significantly impacts your boxer's career. (Translation: No more ear-biting -- within the game or out -- Darren!)

'Champions Online' -- Expected July 14

The Scoop: "Champions Online"; Genre: MMORPG; By: Cryptic Studios; From: Atari; For: Windows, Xbox 360; Rating: Pending

Info: A massively multiplayer online superhero role-playing game based on Hero Games' "Champions" license, tailored for cross-platform play on Windows or Xbox 360.

Darren: Only one other game has attempted to create a modern MMO that puts you into bunchy superhero spandex -- and the guys behind "Champions Online" created that as well. As in "City of Heroes," you'll be able to design your alter ego from the ground up. Think of "Champions Online" as taking the idea to the next level, improving on lessons learned the first time around. This is a more action-centric online role-playing game that is not only coming to the PC, but is fully playable on the Xbox 360 as well. That last sentence right there truly scares me. Add in the fact that the servers are prepped for cross-platform gaming, and all I can say is that I'm in store for a lot of trouble with my wife.

Matt: Anyone else confused and wondering why the guys who did two of the best superhero MMOs are doing another based on someone else's third-party license? OK, I won't cry "work for hire" just yet, but I will confess to being a trifle concerned, especially with Cryptic working all-out on "Star Trek Online" and "Champions" being published by the financially troubled Atari. That said, "Champions," the pen-and-paper game, is legendary in role-playing circles, and the cross-platform angle is definitely appealing. (The fact that we've waited this long to see a new console MMO post-"Final Fantasy XI," frankly, is shameful). Will I sign on to play? Probably, though I may need hypnosis and/or therapy to pry myself away from Turbine's magnificent "Lord of the Rings Online."

to be continue...

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The Hottest Games of Summer 2009 - Part 2

I continue to present you The Hottest Games of Summer 2009. This is Part 2 so let`s see...

'The Sims 3' -- Expected June 2

The Scoop: "The Sims 3"; Genre: Social simulation; By: EA Redwood Shores; From: Electronic Arts; For: iPhone OS, OS X, Windows; Rating: Teen

Info: "The Sims" gets one version older, with more Sim types, expanded ability to customize objects, and streamlined Sim behaviors.

Matt: I love the way Wikipedia calls "The Sims 3" a "strategic life simulation." You know, as opposed to the nonstrategic kind. So far "The Sims 3" looks mostly like "more" meets "of the same," shellacked with prettier visuals and iterative customizability. You're familiar with Microsoft's avatars and Nintendo's Miis, right? It's like that, times more hairstyles and eye colors and pot bellies and flabby biceps. It would be public suicide to bet against the most popular PC franchise ever, so I won't, but with game designer Will Wright off board, I'm a little leery about another sequel whose highlights include "ringing doorbells" to enter neighboring houses, creeping through graveyards and going on dates at the bistro. Favorite feature in "The Sims 3" to date? No SecuROM or online activation. Bravo for listening to all those Amazon "Spore" DRM grumblers, EA.

Darren: Honestly, Matt, I never really got "The Sims." The original game had me cleaning up after dopey digital dolls all day. Go to the bathroom. Wash your hands. Cook. Eat. Sleep. This is fun? It was wrangling hyperactive hamsters. The second game added more personality and better graphics, but there I felt like I was directing a really needy, whiny kid. That said, I saw "The Sims 3" in action early on, and this is probably the first game in the series I'd seriously consider playing. Why? This sequel introduces crazy ideas: quest-like objectives, an open world that grows older with your characters, and actual story progression -- a real plotted course for you to follow if you want. Crazy, I know. As a gamer, I miss that kind of stuff the most.

'Red Faction: Guerrilla' -- Expected June 2

The Scoop: "Red Faction: Guerrilla"; Genre: Third-person shooter; By: Volition; From: THQ; For: PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360; Rating: Mature

Info: You're an insurgent fighter battling the heavy-handed Earth Defense Force across a massive, fully destructible, open-world version of Mars.

Matt: This game is either the Che Guevara video game biopic that ships with a free beret, or another late-21st-century jaunt to Mars with militaristic anarcho-syndicalist tendencies. I fiddled with the European Xbox 360 demo last month, and I can't say it really grabbed me. Muscling sledgehammers and Godzilla-size robot suits around a bunch of off-world industrial parks isn't as catchy as it sounds. When you can rampage through anything, you will, and trundling as the crow flies (or the Hulk smashes) kind of defeats the point of tactical thinking. Pulling apart multistory structures sounds vaguely cathartic, and it sure is pretty, but if it's gonna have legs, "Red Faction: Guerrilla" needs to be more than just another elevated-wrecking-ball sim. "Grand Theft Mars"? Maybe, but you wouldn't know it from the mediocre demo.

Darren: Not saying that I disagree with you, Matt, but you're forgetting what the "Red Faction" franchise is all about: blowing things to hell. Where it fell apart back in the day, the "Geo Mod" tech gimmick was broken. Sure, you could drill through concrete, but heaven forbid you would try tossing a grenade at the wrong fence -- nothing happened. It was conventional levels disguised with blocks to bust down, and places the designers didn't want you to go. The walls might as well have been made of papier-mache with someone occasionally saying, "There's nothing to see here, move along!" If this game removes all barriers, it could work, so long as a solid level design and (fingers crossed) a good game are hiding in there. Somewhere.

'Prototype' -- Expected June 9

The Scoop: "Prototype"; Genre: Third-person sandbox; By: Radical Entertainment; From: Activision; For: PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360; Rating: Mature

Info: Roam the virus-swept streets of Manhattan as an enemy-eating, shape-shifting amnesiac, searching for answers about your origin and abilities.

Darren: If you put "Prototype" and "inFamous" side by side, you'd spot a lot in common -- two ordinary guys zapped with superhuman powers running amok in a massive city-sprawl. The difference in "Prototype" is, instead of all that moral-dilemma nonsense, you're getting straight down to the business of kicking butt. (OK, and there's also the fact that this game is available on more systems than just the PS3.) Morph your hands into gooey mutato-mallets, and you can wallop anything in a frenetic rampage as you switch up your powers. And in this open-world, "Grand Theft Mutant," you can go through a story or just trounce the town. The more damage you do, the more the game throws at you. No surprise considering that the developer, Radical Entertainment, created "Hulk: Ultimate Destruction." Of course, if you're itching to hijack vehicles, you can do that as well. Hey, I did say that it felt like a "Grand Theft…" game, right?

Matt: Notice how we're both "Grand Theft-ing" everything in these slides? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Maybe, but it's also being derivative, which can sometimes be the sincerest way to irritate gamers craving novelty. That said, I'm not sure I agree that the moral dilemma is off the table. After all, the protagonist in "Prototype" is a guy whose superpowers derive from devouring his enemies. Slurp down Joe Crook, and you'll gain his memories, special abilities, even the option to look like him. Superhero nom de guerre, Cannibal-Man? Nah. But the official site's spooky vibe and the game's Mature rating make me wonder if a "dark night of the soul" theme is a-brewin'. In any case, think sandbox parkour meets shape-shifting superdude, and you're not far off the mark.

'Overlord 2' -- Expected June 23

The Scoop: "Overlord 2"; Genre: Third-person action-strategy; By: Triumph Studios; From: Codemasters; For: PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360; Rating: Pending

Info: "Lord of the Rings" meets Mad Magazine in an action-strategy romp that lets you pillage bigger, badder, goofier kingdoms with hordes of evil minions.

Darren: Even though "Overlord" is all about being evil, this stuff is really hard to hate. First, for those who don't know the deal, you control the titular evil Overlord in this twisted take on every fantasy game you've ever played (Exhibit A: killing rabid unicorns). However, the real stars here are your minions. Think the dopey, chaotic Gremlins from those '80s movies, and multiply by 10. Get the picture? The "Overlord" sequel picks up right after the expansion to the original game, promising "smarter, deadlier (and funnier)" minions who will organize better in combat and find mounts in battle. The only thing that worries me is the potential dilution. Not only is the sequel hitting this June, but we're also getting a separate game for the Wii, "Overlord Dark Legend," as well as for the Nintendo DS, "Overlord Minions." Don't get me wrong, though -- I'm going to try all three and hope that they play well together. I'm a huge fan of what Climax Studios (the developer) has done so far.

Matt: Like I said of the original, evil is as evil does in this clever, goofy action-strategy series with tongue (and teeth, and waggling tonsils) firmly in cheek. Remember Bullfrog's "Dungeon Keeper"? In that real-time strategy tunneler, you excavated a palatial underground lair and pitted gibbering gofers against doughty parties of gleaming do-rights. Ditch the dungeon management, make the protagonist mobile and post the action mostly outdoors, and you have the "Overlord" series, where doing good is heinous and dispensing evil is divine. "Overlord 2" doesn't break with that formula so much as grow it. Think more of everything. More enemy types (thieving gnomes, environmental-activist elves), more ability lists (your minions can ride mounts, commandeer war machines and pilot warships), and more system versions. That's right: Even though they'll be separately plotted games, the series is finally reaching out with Wii and Nintendo DS iterations.

to be continued....

The Hottest Games of Summer 2009 - Part 1

Found an interesting article.

"The summer months used to be lean on gaming entertainment. Not anymore. "Punch-Out?" "The Sims 3"? "Fight Night Round 4"? "The Beatles: Rock Band"? We're now seeing premium games hit all year round -- and this summer is no exception.

To help you plan your summer gaming, PC World's experts -- Game On blogger Matt Peckham (twitter: game_on) and Casual Friday columnist Darren Gladstone (twitter: gizmogladstone) -- ruminate, dish and occasionally disagree on some of the season's biggest titles. Let's get started!

-- By Matt Peckham and Darren Gladstone, PC World"

Four Great Licensed-Franchise Games: 'Batman,' 'Ghostbusters,' 'Terminator,' 'Wolverine'

The Scoop: "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"; "Terminator: Salvation"; "Ghostbusters," expected June 16; "Batman: Arkham Asylum," expected June 23

Darren: "Licensed-franchise games" -- those three words dredge up memories of failure and cross-media marketing. And yet, this summer we have "Batman: Arkham Asylum," "Ghostbusters," "Terminator: Salvation" and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," all coming out to every platform known to man. And I'm really looking forward to a couple of 'em. Dan Aykroyd is so behind the "Ghostbusters" game that he has rallied most of the original cast to help with voice-acting duties. But it's more than just a sequel to the flicks -- the few demos I've seen make me eager to bust spectral noggins. Heck, I’ve been waiting for a good "Ghostbusters" video game since the Apple II days. As for "Batman," that title has two things going for it: sweet graphics and an asylum's worth of loony, superpowered inmates. You're squaring off against classic comic villains -- and, of course, a small army of goons who somehow wormed their way into Arkham Asylum. The idea of openly stalking Arkham's halls and the free-flow combat are enough to wash away concerns that this might be a mindless button-mashing beat-'em-up. What say you, Matt?

Matt: It's pathetic how predictably rotten licensed games are. They still sell well? Might as well justify crack cocaine (or movies starring Miley Cyrus). Still, I'm with you on the "Batman" and "Ghostbusters" nods, Darren. I've already had my hands on "Wolverine," and while the combo-driven fighting system is interesting (lunges rule), the levels feel like cattle pens linking dopey mob fights. "Terminator: Salvation" gets an anticipatory thumbs-down from me, too, after the debacle that was GRIN's "Wanted: Weapons of Fate" (hey, I'll always cheer a surprise comeback!). But as you say, "Batman" looks promising, and it has Paul Dini writing it, to boot. Will it really have "a dark and gritty setting reminiscent of 'Bioshock'"? Doubtful (thanks for the nonsensical analogy anyway, Game Informer). Otherwise, there's no cooler milieu in the "Batman" universe than Arkham Asylum. As for "Ghostbusters," I'm out of space, so ditto on what you said about the tech demos, except I'll see your Apple II and raise it by my one-year-earlier Commodore 64 version.


The Scoop: "Punch-Out"; Genre: Boxing; By: Next Level Games; From: Nintendo; For: Wii; Rating: Everyone 10+

Info: Nintendo's classic boxing brawler returns 15 years on with 3-D visuals and two-handed motion controls.

Darren: Anybody who has rubbed two quarters together in an arcade or owned a Nintendo Entertainment System knows the glory that is "Punch-Out," the classic boxing game. I've had a chance to go a few rounds with the latest version of the venerable champ, and you know what? It's still got the moves. The controls certainly are new, though: You can box your way out of fights with the Wii Nunchuck controller and the Wii Remote by punching at the screen. Or, if you want to kick it old-school (like me), you can flip the Wii Remote, holding it like the classic NES controller.

Speaking of the classic moves, when going up against Glass Joe, I remembered the dodge-counterpunch pattern drilled into me as a child. And it still worked. My only concern, from the few minutes I've played this game, is that I can't tell yet whether it's just the old game under a new coat of paint, with maybe a couple extra moves thrown in for good measure. It doesn’t feel like a sucker punch, though.

Matt: What do "Guitar Hero" and "Punch-Out" have in common? They're both essentially rhythm games, except the first sounds like Metallica or Aerosmith, while the second is more "Ugh! Gah! Argh!" Wrap your hands around the Wii Remote, and the preview version of this remake already feels right -- which is saying something, given the Wii's reputation for dodgy motion controls. In Next Level Games' nostalgic touch-up of everyone's favorite pugilistic prancer, you have six inputs to work with. You can swing the Wii Remote for left or right punches, wave the Nunchuck for left or right dodges, lift up for blocks or high shots, or drop down to duck. (The game also offers a Balance Board option, but color me dubious.) Darren gets points for tipping his hat to the 1984 arcade version, but then loses a few for settling on the sideways control mechanic. Hey, boxing is a two-fisted affair, right? Play like you mean it!

'inFamous' -- Expected May 26

The Scoop: "inFamous"; Genre: Third-person sandbox; By: Sucker Punch Productions; From: Sony Computer Entertainment; For: PlayStation 3; Rating: Teen

Info: You're a biker dude given plasma-based powers and a panic-stricken city to either save or torment.

Darren: We don’t need another hero … or do we? Forget all those franchises that make you strap on familiar Underoos in Metropolis or Gotham. Here's something I can get behind: You have a huge, deteriorating city to explore (think Snake Plissken's stomping grounds) and newfound powers to master. The thing is, this isn't some crusty Boy Scout scenario. As in "Spider-Man Web of Shadows," you can tap your inner heel or live up to being a hero. You have to make all kinds of small moral decisions along the way: For instance, do you share supplies with citizens or hoard them for yourself? It's those choices -- and how you improve your powers -- that make this title interesting to me. Provided that the rest of "inFamous" is as good as what I've seen so far, this superpowered PS3 exclusive has blockbuster potential written all over it.

Matt: Two words: "Sly Cooper." If you missed that series of PlayStation 2 games, you can't call yourself a proper platform gamer. Now the same developer is having a go at the whole Grand Theft Superhero With a Moral Dilemma shtick. Pay attention, because this PS3 exclusive has the potential to be platform-defining. You can go pretty much anywhere and climb any ridiculously detailed building. You have upward of 70 electrical superpowers -- including one that lets you vent plasma to slow your descent in free fall -- to use against mutant bad guys who can teleport around or fiddle with light and shadow. Best of all, morality is in the eye of the beholder. Expect "inFamous" to be dark and darker, Teen rating or no. Don't let Darren fool you, by the way -- he's a bona fide Boy Scout. There's no zapping passers-by with sticky grenades or leaving the injured to wail and croak for that closet do-gooder.

to be continued....

Microsoft Zune HD: But Will it Play Games?

Microsoft's splashy, slightly angular, just-divulged Zune HD will play movies, surf the web, and snag digital radio feeds, but all I want to know is: will it play games? Redmond, Washington isn't talking...yet.

No one's touting the Zune HD as a gaming platform at this point. But it could be a gaming device, and I'd bet my life that it'll be at least some kind. In my view, Microsoft needed to announce the new mobile part's existence beyond the breathless clamor of the Electronic Entertainment Expo next week to avoid branding it a games-primarily device. Which it isn't.

It's a media playback gizmo, which — like Sony's PlayStation Portable (with the right hookup) — can output video to an actual TV. In fact where the PSP outputs sub-DVD-quality video, the Zune HD appears to support up to 720p (actual high-def).

But forget about the PSP for a second: Microsoft's says the new Zune HD's specifically designed to go rounds with Apple's iPod Touch — also a gaming device, but not (yet) battling after the same audience that constitutes the 50 or so million PSP's in the wild, or over 100 million Nintendo DS's. It's for you, per its market positioning, whether you care about a handheld version of Halo or not.

Second's up, and I want to spotlight the fact that Microsoft's promising to demo the Zune HD at E3 next week — in particular, how it'll integrate with their Xbox Live Marketplace TV/video service. Movie playback on both the Xbox 360 and Zune HD? Already confirmed. And then there's the Zune's tasty new OLED touchscreen to consider. Sounds like a shoe-in for a little recreational thumb-tapping.

Would the Zune HD be a viable gaming platform? As far as content delivery's concerned, why not? It's already being touted — by way of Xbox Live Marketplace — as playing with the Xbox 360 mothership. If it can dine on Xbox-360-dished HD videos, it's a shoe-in for game delivery.

Regarding hardware, that's harder to say (actually it's impossible, since Microsoft didn't divulge detailed tech specs) but no one really thought of the iPod as a games device, and look at it now, running games like Prey and bazillions of so-called "casual" titles.

The big news next week? Zune HD and games. Wait and see.

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Festival de Cannes 2009

In 2009, the President Gilles Jacob, the Board of the Festival de Cannes and I want, more than ever, to project the Festival in the future. Following the sixtieth anniversary in 2007, a new cycle has opened on the Croisette.
A natural cycle, primarily, since a new period has commenced which will lead us up to the 70th anniversary in 2017. A symbolic cycle too, since there is a question on all our lips, and in our eyes too: what will the Festival de Cannes be like in ten years time? No one knows – especially us! – and yet, we must anticipate, guess and encourage this future.

© About Festival de Cannes

Feature films BAK-JWI (THIRST) directed by PARK Chan-Wook

Short films

  • Palme d'Or - Short Film
ARENA directed by João SALAVIZA

© All the awards

Sharon Stone, as she is...

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Star Trek

Will you be watching Star Trek? I guess I will :)

For those who don`t even know what the hell is that Star Trek, here is their official site very nice graphic by the way ;)

To watch the latest videos click on special panel with trailer movie (red scope). Great flash site!!! Really good and beautiful work!

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Walkman Series X

Do you remember when the Sony ruled the portable music market? It seemed like everyone and their mama, dad, brother, sister, cat dog had a Walkman or a CD Walkman. With the advent of MP3 and MP4 digital music formats, Sony has lost its footing in the portable music market in favor of more stylish, cooler options. But the X-series Walkman is a step in the right direction.

The X-series (NWZ-X1000 model) is Sony’s new high-end MP3 player. Taking some cues from the competition, the X-series features an 3-inch OLED touchscreen that lets users scroll through music and video selections with ease. The built-in DNC software blocks audio interference from the outside world, leaving crisp, high-quality sound. The headphones packaged with the player has a built-in microphone that listens for ambient noise and compensates accordingly. The noise-canceling software has a few different modes that allows it to adjust to whatever the environment throws at it. Modes include bus/train, plane, and office settings. I think it`s not bad, isn`t it?


The NWZ-X1000 also has Wi-Fi capability for quick and easy web browsing. Not this feature is the same as you need water to take shower. It also includes complimentary content provided by YouTube and Slacker Radio. Also very good feature, You liked YouTube video, you want to take it video to the NWZ-X1000 and you can do it now! It`s great! By the way I have previous Sony Walkman version. And I have to convert YouTube video to MP4 format to watch them on my player. Thanks God I have good converter but new feature is much better.

Using Slacker Radio, users can select up to three radio stations. The songs from the the chosen stations will get pushed to the NWZ-X1000 free of charge. Refreshing the stations in a Wi-Fi area will cache new music on the player. And if you’re still looking for fresh content, the player also comes with a built-in FM tuner. You can also add non-DRM files from iTunes and other online music services. Very cool! Espesial for me cause I have alot drm protected music so I used to remove protection to put them to my Sony Walkman.

Priced at $399 and $299 for the the 32GB and 16GB respectively, the NWZ-X1000 has firmly put Sony back in the running for the portable music player throne.

DivX Tech Preview: MKV on Windows 7

What's in this preview?

This technology preview introduces support for DivX Plus HD video in applications using the Microsoft Media Foundation, a new framework introduced in Windows 7. The package includes a native version of the DivX MKV Demux as well as shell extensions that provide thumbnail images and detailed file information for files with either ".divx" (DivX 6) or ".mkv" (DivX 7) extensions for an enhanced experience.

Updated 5/13/2009: Support for Windows 7 RC1

Why is this cool?

Although Windows 7 maintains support for established frameworks such as DirectShow, there was no other solution for rendering content in an MKV container through the Media Foundation framework - until today!

The advantages of enabling MKV file support in the Media Foundation framework include the ability to use hardware acceleration for H.264 video decoding via the system H.264 decoder (where supported), as well as adding support for serving both DivX and DivX Plus HD video through Windows Media Center Extenders and the Windows Media Network Sharing Service for UPNP devices. However, be aware that transcoding creates an additional CPU load on the server, some loss of quality and potentially reduces picture resolution.

Known issues (05/13/2009)

The following are known issues or important information for this DivX Tech Preview:

  • We are currently providing only 32-bit binaries, this means 64-bit versions of Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center cannot use these components to play MKV files - Windows 7 uses the 32-bit versions by default

  • Latest testing has been against Windows 7 RC Build 7100

  • The DivX MKV splitter currently exposes only the primary audio track.

  • This tech preview does not yet support subtitle tracks

  • Offloading of H.264 decoding to hardware is subject to the capabilities of your video card

  • ASP file thumbnails may not display correctly in Windows 7 Build 7100

  • This Tech Preview does not include the standard DivX 7 for Windows software, so it will not provide support of DivX or DivX Plus video under DirectShow or Video for Windows frameworks. You can install the DivX 7 for Windows software separately to add these capabilities, but you'll need to re-install the tech preview to restore the Media Foundation support.

Downloading the tech preview

To download the tech preview you need to create a free DivX Labs account then join the Project Rémoulade Apps group. Downloads for Project Rémoulade are available at the top of the group homepage for signed-in members.

We want to hear your feedback on this technology preview! Please submit your comments and questions to the DivX Technology Preview forum (requires sign-in). If your feedback relates to performance issues or software stability, please consider attaching some of the following to your post:

  • Screenshots from CPU-Z that show your CPU, memory and mainboard configuration.

  • Screenshots from DXDiag, which you can launch by simply typing DXDiag into the Run box on your Start menu, so that we can see information about your graphics card (e.g. vendor/model/memory/driver revision).

  • Screenshots of any crash dialogs, including the details view if available.

  • In the case of crashes, an export from MSInfo32, which you can launch by simply typing MSInfo32 into the Run box on your Start menu, so that we can see information about the operating system, running software and application errors.
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