Thursday, May 28, 2009

UEFA Champions League 2009 Winner Well Deserved

Congratulations to FC Barcelona for becoming the winner of the 2009 UEFA Champions League winner. Barcelona showed a wonderful soccer and the win is well deserved. Manchester United just did not make it and did not justify the hopes of millions of fans.

This was not the same Manchester United that we knew. They were slow. At some point they lost the game and did not even know what to do with their offensives. Manchester united could not rewrite the history by holding the title two seasons in a row by becoming the UEFA Champions league 2009 winner.

On the other hand Barcelona did rewrite the history in today's final game in Rome. Barcelona became the three time winners of UEFA Champions League final as a European soccer powerhouse.

Bravo to Barcelona Coach Pep Guardiola. Despite his young age, he did build a powerful soccer club in Barcelona. Pep Guardiola became a twice winner of UEFA Champions League final. One time Guardiola won Champions League as a soccer player. Today in 2009 he became a winner as a coach. This is history.

Today the UEFA Champions League winner Barcelona starts its Roman vacation. Can you imagine what is happening now in Spain and in the home town Barcelona.

I should acknowledge, Barcelona was not given enough credit in the media before the UEFA Champions League final. They were the underdogs and Manchester United was the favorite in the English language media. However, congratulations Barcelona, well deserved. Congratulations Pep Guardiola, you made a wonderful team.

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