Friday, September 18, 2009

Dunta Robinson's shoe-based payment demand gets him big fine

On Sunday, Houston Texans cornerback Dunta Robinson(notes) wore shoes bearing a message designed to get him more money. They ended up having the exact opposite effect.
Robinson was fined $25,000 yesterday for wearing customized Nike cleats with the words "Pay Me Rick" written on the heel during the team's season opener Sunday. The message was intended for Texans GM Rick Smith, who had placed the franchise tag on Robinson after failing to sign him to a long-term contract over the offseason. After sitting out all of training camp because of the dispute, Robinson finally signed the one-year tender a week before the season began. It will pay him $9.957 million in 2009, or $9.932 million after he pays that fine.
But don't let the shoes fool you into thinking that Robinson is a guy concerned only about making money and not the betterment of the team. As he told The Houston Chronicle about the shoes:
"It's just a little reminder for myself what I'm playing for. It's a reminder that this is what we're here for."
Oh, nevermind.
At least he's sorry though:
"It was over a long time ago. I've moved on."
Or not.
A long time ago? Robinson issued that quote 72 hours after the game. In what realm could that be considered a long time? Even a gnat would be like, "dude, that's nothing."
To be fair, Robinson did say on Monday that he was "sorry if I offended anybody." Serena Williams would have been proud of the non-apology apology. (Speaking of tennis, maybe Robinson should have gone toMelanie Oudin's boyfriend for advice on what to write on his shoes. It worked wonders for Oudin's game and had the added bonus of not costing her 25 grand.)
After Robinson pays the fine, expect Rick Smith to spend $140 of it on rebuttal cleats.

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