Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas offers (Youtube and DVD Converters)

Get Christmas DISCOUNT -35% for MelodyCan Ultra Video!

Use Code: MelodyCanCDis

SAVE UP to! -$14.00

MelodyCan Ultra Video includes:

* FREE!!! YouTube Ripper (Output formats: avi, mp4, mp3)
* FREE!!! Audio CD Ripper
Video conversion

How to...

Powerful DVD + Video Converter is the best way

to convert DVDs and videos, so you can play them

on almost any portable device including iPod, iPod touch, iPod video nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP,

video-capable MP3 players, video-capable mobile phones, Pocket PC, etc.

How to use it? You simply:

1. pick the files to convert;

2. choose an output format;

3. click a button to start the process.

Everything happens automatically!

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