Tuesday, December 25, 2007

MelodyCan converts any music or movie to unprotected media formats

Melodycan is tool for converting any kind of audio and video data to commonly used formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV audio, MPEG4, DivX movie. It uses unique technology which gives a capability to convert any kind of protected and unprotected data to regular audio and video formats which can be played on dozens of compatible devices. For example Melodycan can convert protected music files from Napster, URGE, Yahoo! Music and actually can convert any kind of protected Windows Media Audio (WMA) files to regular MPEG1-Layer3 audio (MP3), convert iTunes music files (M4P) to MP3 as well as convert Rhapsody music files (RAX) to MP3. The only condition is that the music content must be legally obtained and can be played on the computer where Melodycan is installed.

When converting your audio content you have of choice of such destination audio format:
  • MP3 – MPEG1-Layer3 nowadays is most widespread audio format which is supported by almost any audio/video devices.
  • AAC – MPEG4-AAC is audio format natively intended for MPEG4 movies. Now it is supported by many well-known portable audio devices such as iPod.
  • WAV – Uncompressed audio is right choice if you plan to rip your converted audio files to audio CD or edit your audio content with a waveform audio editor.

When converting your video content you may choose from one of following video formats:

  • MPEG4 for iTunes (M4V file extension) – is intended for iTunes-compatible video devices such as iPod.
  • DivX for home video systems (AVI file extension) – is intended for DivX-compatible video devices such as home or portable DVD/DivX video players.

Whatever kind of media you need to convert, Melodycan is best choice for you. So forget about restrictions and enjoy your music and movies everywhere.

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